No 1 spot on Amazon - congratulations David Guile

We've done it! Potential (now available for ordering at Amazon) has today reached the Number 1 spot in HR, number 3 spot in Management books and number 4 in the hotly contested Business category. 

Well done David. Objective achieved. You're now a best-selling Amazon author. 

Want new insights into how to work better?

This was the brief for a new website for Upskill People. To give retail & hospitality insights into how e-learning can improve their team and their business. We wanted to demonstrate how e-learning was more than compliance. It benefits businesses by improving induction, sales & service, managing people, reducing shrinkage and loss and many others. 

We're delighted to launch their new website. Designed by the fabulous team at Rawww with copy by our lovely colleague Alex Campbell, it's a triumph. 

Two new clients with books being published and launched - welcome David Guile and Lucy Adams of Disruptive HR

Very excited to announce the imminent publication of "Potential" by David Guile, executive leadership coach. Due to be published on the 20th February, David combines his personal experience of leadership as CEO of Macdonald Hotels together with leading coaching practices for an engaging and inspirational read. 

David Guile of David Guile Executive Coaching,

Delighted to be working with Lucy Adams and the team at Disruptive HR. Lucy's book 'HR Disrupted' is due to be published in the New Year. 

Lucy Adams of Disruptive HR,

Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 12.09.13.png

Presenting awards at the Bradford Business Awards 2016

We were delighted to be asked to present awards to local businesses at the Bradford on Avon Business Awards. 

A great night, exceptionally well attended, with very well deserved winners. Congratulations all.

Ronnie presenting Boson Media with Best IT/Software Award

Sophie presenting The Cheese Shop with Best Start-up Award.

Thanks Fred for continuing to support us and Fiskars!

Exhibitions are always great places to catch up with old friends and make new contacts. We're always delighted to see Fred Walden at these events and are totally envious of his transport at the show. 

Always a great supporter of us and Fiskars. And a true gentleman.

Our cocktail dresses are ready!!!

Two of our clients have had products shortlisted!

InHouse Inspired Room Design for their Schüller range of best value kitchens, which we completely agree with!

InHouse Inspired Room Design for their next125 range of luxury kitchens.

Elho for the gorgeous new Loft Urban range of pots.

Put marketing before design. Seriously.

Put marketing before design. Seriously.

Why is it that even after all this time, marketing is considered usually when people have got all the other aspects in place? For many people it’s because they haven’t got anything to talk about before that. At least, that’s the most common reaction.

Perhaps it’s also just the word. Marketing. Tends to bring up images of ‘going to market’, something closely aligned with selling your wares. But, from my perspective, that's the first and possibly the biggest lost opportunity. 

Planning Permission

Planning Permission

I’m not talking about trying to get planning permission for that humongous extension on your home. I’m talking about the complete reticence that some people have to putting the time and effort into creating a marketing strategy and plan. So for fun, I though I’d list here the typical objections I have heard when talking about the need for a plan. 

What to do when you lose your mojo at work

What to do when you lose your mojo at work

When we work for ourselves, we seem to think that we shouldn’t let doubt creep in. We can’t let ourselves become distracted. If we take a break – or even a deep breath – we might never reclaim what we had. We fight against our own moods and we wind up losing our mojo.

A very satisfied client

We do love getting a thank you. This one from Patty at Elho was extra special. 

"Thank you so very much Ronnie for all your (and your team) elho devotion and the energy you put in the pr activities! You show a great dedication to elho, I really appreciate that a lot. It also shows in the publications and contacts that learn more about the colorful elho collection."

Patty - it's a real pleasure. 

Thanks Sophie for your brilliant writing skills!

Making communications stand out is really important. So we love it when we get an email back like this. 

Aww Sophie,

When your email pops up I can’t wait to read it. You are really in the wrong job - ever thought of stand up? I would pay to see you.

Will be on web site asap


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To read the whole blog, click on the image.