What we do

Here are just some of the services we offer to give you a flavour. As we've said, no campaign is the same. To find out exactly what we can do for you, have a look at how we work with our clients. Find something that resonates. Drop me a line and let's have a conversation to see if we're a good fit for each other. 

You can always reach me at veronica@transformcommunications.co.uk or at the office on 01225 784026. 

It's a crowded world out there and getting your message out to the right people, in a way that makes a difference to them, is a tricky task. That's why people consult us.

We help you define who you are, who you want to reach and the messages that will resonate with your market. We don't think of the features and benefits of your products and services. We look at how our clients really add value to their customers. 


Knowing the aims and objectives of a marketing programme gives us all a goal. This isn't about measuring the number of mentions in the press, the number of visits to a website, or the number of opens on a mailshot (although we do that too). Rather it's about understanding the bigger picture. It might be preparing for exit in a number of years, acquiring other companies, changing the brand, introducing new products and services, entering new markets and sectors... This is our ultimate aim. To get you where you want to be. Have fun along the way and a huge celebration at the end. 

"Thank you for all your hard work, creativity and patience!  [On news that thankq had been acquired by the Access Group]...the feedback that we are the most appealing brand and product in the sector which lead to their decision, is pretty good to hear – so thank you for your support and ideas once again.  To think I was unsure when you said we should drop ESiT and just go with thankQ!" - John Bird, previously Managing Director of thankQ. * Working with Stewart Redpath, Liminal Marketing, and the talented Liz Brewer.

who you are and what you believe

We usually work with business owners. We often work with senior teams and directors. We sometimes work with entire companies to understand what's really special about your business. This is grounded in the reality of who you are and the real value you offer to the market. We're a fan of Simon Sinek and his process 'Start with Why'. It's tough. It's personal. It makes a real difference. 


Sometimes finding out who we are can be like staring into a muddy pool. For a crystal clear reflection we ask your customers about what they appreciate about you. We go to the market to understand what they need. That builds a really clear picture that informs our marketing. That's why we say we're / Market Driven. 


To create communications that really transform your business is about being specific about what needs to be achieved. We love a good plan. We deliver programmes that make you stand out from the crowd. That's what we create.

There are so many ways to connect with people. We go to where you market is. We create great campaigns that connect with your customers. They love how it looks. They engage with what we deliver. They connect with what we say.  You'll be clear about what's going to be achieved and you'll get the results you want. 

putting together an a-team

In times of pressure, I'll be found humming the theme tune to the A-Team. While we achieve a hell of a lot as individual, our real success is based on putting together a team of specialists. We don't have big offices and fancy premises. We hand-pick and work with specialists in all areas, all around the country, that deliver exactly what you need. That means you have as large or as small a team as you need, with the specialist skills you require, put together especially for you.


Our rigorous planning takes into account all marketing activity and delivers a fully integrated programme that drives your marketing forward, so you get real value and impact from your spend.


We identify the best route to market to reach you target customers. It might be a total brand overhaul that includes all graphic and digital elements that we then push out there. We create platforms that engage your market. We deliver programmes that connect you 1-1. We maximise opportunities for networking at exhibitions, book launches, conferences and forums. We expand your reach digitally through social media platforms and engagement in group chats. We enter you We build your brand with influencers. We promote you through bloggers and the media to build your brand. 

Communication is a conversation. We help you have those conversations with the people you want and need to reach. It's fun, it's frank and it's memorable. That's how we communicate.

How many things have you read recently that you remember? Have you mentioned it in conversation to others? Has it made you think? Have you contacted them? We help you translate your communication into a conversation, helping you to create relationships with those you want to reach.


We work closely with you to build up collateral to be used with your clients and for wider marketing purposes including events, forums, conferences and social media. We write white papers and case studies, deliver research reports, design email campaigns, write newsletters and copy for magazines.

building your profile in the press media and public relations

Many of our clients want to build their profile through media relations and PR. We love working with the press and bloggers and getting our clients top coverage. From nationals to lifestyle and business to trade publications, we have created great relationships with journalists. We know we're only as good as our last story and with our journalistic experience, we create content that counts for our clients. 

"I did want to say how fab I thought your mailing was. It made me chuckle / pay attention and for more than a nano second think how I could use it. Kudos and warm regards." - Caroline, Editor.


No marketing campaign is complete without a proactive digital element. From rewriting websites through to blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook we help you connect with your community. We put in place a proactive programme to engage your network and demonstrate your expertise, building visibility through all online platforms.


Public speaking is a fear many of us have. For business leaders it's an essential skill. Whether it's being interviewed by the media or making a YouTube video, you and your team need to be comfortable in front of a camera or up on a stage. This additional service is tailored to the needs of each client.


We help our clients get onto conference platforms that reach their audience. Equally, we also have helped organise specific events such as book launches, unveiling new research, showroom openings, press events and exhibitions. You'll find as at the heart of your event, speaking with clients, briefing the press. We're an extended part of your team. 

and the winner is...

We love putting on sparkling dresses but more than that we love that feeling when the announcement comes that our client has won an award. Recent successes have been Festo Training & Consulting being Regional Winner in the National Training Awards and Finalist in the Growing Business Awards. Garden Tools manufacturer Fiskars won an astounding five awards at the Garden Industry Manufacturers’ Association (GIMA). If your business wants to expand its trophy cabinet give us a call.