This week we are mostly... wishing there really was Moist Snail flavour Fanta.

At our latest Transform Talk, Derek Ahmedzai introduced us to some brilliant Twitter bots. These are smart little programmes that automatically generate content.

Among our favourites (that got us slightly hysterical during a perfectly professional presentation) were the ‘Roof Slapping Bot’, which generates the kind of boast someone would make as they slap the roof of their car, and the absolute joy of ‘Fake Fanta’, which generates fantastical fictitious Fanta flavours.

This is all very creative and everyone loves a good giggle. But how does this help us, or our clients? How can businesses apply this kind of thinking? It’s surprisingly simple and it can be used in all kinds of ways – take a look at how the Cheltenham Science Festival used AI to generate a guest curator, or this fantastic AI-generated bespoke packaging design from Nutella that had millions of jars flying off the shelves.

There’s a serious point to all this high jinks. Creative marketing is a huge plus for any business. Using the latest techniques will help you get ahead of your competitors. It’s measurable. It’s relatively easy, with the right expert on board, and it’s often inexpensive to try out. Creativity and fun in your communications helps you stand out and it has some serious bottom-line benefits in terms of your market position, your customer loyalty and, ultimately, your profit.

We make no apology for silliness when it’s brilliant for business. 

Now excuse us while we relax with a long refreshing draught of Important Bagel Fanta.

Want to find out more about these clever, funny little online projects? Check out Derek’s list of top bots.

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