Talking Brexit in business: how to grasp the nettle

We’re sorry. We hardly dare mention it. It’s complicated. It’s confusing. The sheer volume of analysis and commentary is exhausting, never mind the emotional charge this carries.  

But Brexit is something many of our clients are working to understand and plan for. As your business develops and implements plans for Brexit, how can you get to grips with such a contentious topic in the media, and under the gaze of public scrutiny?

One of our longest-standing clients is InHouse, who is the agent for stunning European kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and appliance brands. All showcased in a new £2.2 million showroom just outside Newcastle. As purveyors of the most prestigious European designer wares, their forward-thinking, no-nonsense and opportunistic approach to the changes that Brexit will (or perhaps won’t?) bring stands them in good stead and reflects their business and their brand. No hysterics, no histrionics – just solid business thinking.

No matter which side of the fence you are, or what the impact of Brexit may be for you and your business, no amount of gnashing of political teeth is going to prepare your company, team, or supply chain for the future. Constantly shifting timescales make the matter more complex – and they may lead business owners to wait to try to deal with the latest iteration of predictions – but the changes make the need for a clear, agreed business impact plan more urgent rather than less so.  

Our approach to supporting businesses we work with through the potential turbulence of a break from Europe is to get to know them well. Knowing how, when and why a business really works means we can spot risks and opportunities and act as a trusted advisor – and for any kind of communication addressing these kinds of issues, you need that. We’re great believers in substance and honesty in business communications, and with a tricky subject like Brexit you need a trusted pair of hands to guide you and your business through how to tackle it. But tackle it well, and you’ll stand out from the crowd.

And yes, we used a 90s film reference. Because if anything in the news right now needs a touch of light relief, it’s a feature on Brexit.