This week we are mostly... enjoying print, hot off the press

We’re suckers for print. Nothing beats the thrill of holding the physical copy of your hard work in your hand, so getting a project through a print run or seeing it crop up in the press is one of our favourite things.

So much of life is now online, in terms of copy, marketing or business. But we know there’s life in print yet: we like to mix things up between online and offline media and use the best tool for the job.

For a conference, or an expo, a hard copy of a good quality white paper can be just the thing to help you start a great new conversation about your research - as with our most recent project for Affinity Workforce, an education sector client. Or a quick and reputable way to share your thought leadership expertise in a leading sector publication - as with our latest article in the HRDirector for predictive people analytics company Cognisess.

Sometimes, it’s really satisfying to hold our work aloft. (And maybe give it a sniff.)