Transform Talk #4: Kate Lanz is coming to Bradford on Avon


Our brains haven’t changed since we left the caves. Yet we find ourselves in the modern workplace. Knowing how to create brain friendly conditions at work can unleash huge amounts of productive capacity and relieve stress in both our bodies and minds.

The sex of the brain plays an important part in what enables it to thrive. Most modern businesses don’t understand how to access the best of brain diversity. Kate Lanz – neuropsychologist, business coach and CEO of Mindbridge – in her ground breaking research and work with corporate clients is shining the light on brain sex diversity and how to leverage the best of brain difference at work.

In our next Transform Talk, Kate shares her research from her upcoming book: 'All the Brains in the Business: The Engendered Brain in the 21st Century Organization - The Neuroscience of Business.' She shows that nearly a third of people spend much of their time at work in survive rather than thrive mode, and draws on neuroscience to explain the impact this is having. She reveals how we can all take steps to improve performance, tap into a wealth of latent brain power and access the best of brain difference. Taking us through subtle but important changes that will dramatically improve productivity, and at the same time increase resilience and wellbeing.

Join us in the movement to create brain friendly, inclusive workplaces where people thrive and get the best from all the brains.

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