Lessons from millennials

I have been privileged to finish the first cycle of a mentoring programme for an amazing 23-year old entrepreneur – Joseph Sutton of Catipilla. He’s launching a new company and knew he needed support to develop a marketing strategy and plan. Putting what he knows into action and giving him the framework and the confidence to get it out there and get it done.

During these past four weeks I’ve learnt a lot. Not just about him. But about my own preconceptions. We’re surrounded by negative news stories about millennials and the young generation. How they’re entitled. How they expect everything to be handed to them. That we often forget to see the positives. To witness the drive that these amazing young people can possess. To put in place the support to help them on their way.

“Thank you so much for the work you have done with Joseph. You have delivered exactly to the high expectation that I had which is refreshingly great. The benefits that I have seen are:

  • Joseph has developed a real purpose and structure to his work - he has learned considerably and is increasingly confident.

  • The business plan, content and action plan has marched forward leaps and bounds in the past 6 weeks - we now have meat on the PR/awareness bones and have some real content building. I am excited to see where this takes us.

  • Finally, and importantly, I have finally uncovered a first class, trusted person to work with (i.e. you) on all things PR as we evolve. 

Andy Sutton, Co-Founder, Catipilla

This young man is no exception. In fact, I know he’s not because many of my clients have people who are in their first jobs. And they are superb.

Easy to work with. Quick to learn. Great at taking constructive feedback. Full of energy. Resourceful. They just sometimes need direction and help to prioritise. Especially in marketing. And didn’t we all need just this when we started out?

I often say that marketing is one of those areas where you are always busy. And it’s even harder today with so many platforms. You can spend hours reading content, watching YouTube videos, posting on Twitter, and getting likes on Facebook. But often this is a waste if you don’t have a goal to aim for and an objective behind you.

And with new companies there are often challenges that you have to think around. How do you launch a company and a product when nothing is yet produced? This is a theme that comes up quite often for me. And also fits with a previous blog post – Put Marketing Before Design. Seriously.

That pre-production period can be one of the most fruitful times for marketing. It gives you a chance to get your strategy sorted and your plans in place. You can iron out your messaging. Build up your customer profiles. Enabling you to build and engage your audience, before the sales period kicks off.

So when you’re ready to sell, you can concentrate on doing just that and have an audience ready and all your marketing planned and prepared.

If you want to find out more about the bad hand that the millennials have been dealt, watch this video by Simon Sinek. My experience differs – thankfully.