Now we are 10 - a decade of running my own business

10 years ago I took the leap to set up my own business in Bradford on Avon – a small town just outside of Bath. I really wasn’t certain about it so I made a bet with myself. If I failed to secure the Managing Director’s job of a large PR company in Bristol, then I was being given a great big push to go out on my own.

Like many people, I’d been working in London. For a fantastic company – Flagship Consulting. When my second daughter arrived, I realised that I wanted to leave the bright lights of London far behind. Jackie and Diana at Flagship were superb and supported me moving, however the commute back to London was spoiling the idyll of the country dream. And the other school parents were beginning to think I was the figment of my husband’s overactive imagination.

So I moved to a job closer to home and joined a new start-up PR agency as Managing Director. But quickly realised that that position wasn’t for me. What it did cement was that I had an entrepreneurial drive to build and create a business.

And then my daughter was taken seriously ill. Just at the time when I was looking for another job. After 4 weeks in hospital and a long recovery period at home, the Managing Director job I was going for went to someone else.

So that was it. The bet was made. And it was me I was gambling on.

I couldn’t have done it without the support of the people around me. To David Jarrett at Bath Consultancy Group - one of my first clients. To Mark Barlow of AppLearn who joined me on the recommendation of Jeremy Langley who I’d met while he was at Stepstone. Interestingly, his sister – Sophie Langley – was the first person to start working with me and she still does. I had no idea about the connection. It is certainly a small world. Sophie came at just the right time. Her energy and innovation pulled me up when I was down.

Soon other clients followed.

  • Wayne Dance and the team at InHouse who I’ve known for more years than I care to remember.

  • New clients both locally (Pete Fullard of Upskill People lives just across the road from my office), nationally (from London to Newcastle) and internationally (with clients in Singapore, Holland and Germany).

10 years have flown by.

15th December 2017

Tomorrow we’re hosting an anniversary celebration. I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved. I’m immensely grateful to everyone who’s joined me on the Transform Communications journey. To Emma Walker, Karolyn Andrews, Sophie Langley, Kim Grey, Alex Campbell, Stewart Redpath and many, many others who I’ve worked with. To Graham Massey and Steve Fuller at The House in Bath, who I worked with for many years.

To all my wonderful lovely clients and to the many colleagues and friends we’ve made along the way.

And of course, a massive thank you to my family - Jasper, Freya and Ishara. While I might have been closer to home (for many years at the bottom of the garden) I was often absent – caught up in client work and calls. You’ve all been amazing.

And just one word of advice if anyone is thinking of setting up on their own. Go for it. There’s nothing better than betting on yourself and seeing it pay off.