Organisations must be better prepared for malicious threats

A new global report highlights how organisations are increasingly exposed to a more diverse range of malicious risks. So much so that almost all organisations are now exposed to malicious threats – domestically, internationally and in the cyber domain. Even those in stable democracies and industries that have not been previously affected.

Developments in the malicious risk environment are driven by major global forces such as climate change, the rapid development of technology, and the growing rivalries between powerful state actors. And the potential disruption, financial loss and reputational damage that can stem from a malicious attack has escalated for organisations in every region of the world, not just those in hostile environments.  

Recently, three separate incidents around the world demonstrate how vulnerable organisations can be to potential acts of terrorism and cyber-crime. On the same day a package containing traces of uranium was found at Heathrow, US and Canadian flights were grounded as a result of technical failures and Royal Mail was left unable to send letters or parcels overseas after a cyber-attack.

These incidents all demonstrate the impact potentially malicious attacks can have, even without causing physical violence or damage. Showing how vulnerable even large organisations such as Royal Mail, Heathrow Airport and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) still are. In this article, CHC explains more about these risks and discusses what businesses need to do in response to understand the issues they face and have robust plans in place.