B2B customer research

Bringing customer insights into your organisation

Find out exactly what your customers and market really value about your brand. Transform Communications are specialists at conducting in-depth and confidential interviews with your high-value customers. To find those hidden insights that can fundamentally change and inform how you position yourself in the market.

Our clients trust us with their most valuable contacts. We conduct interviews with time-pressed individuals, conducted with sensitivity and tact, while delving into the positive – and yes, the negative – aspects of their relationship with your company.

And your clients value being asked. Feedback from our clients has shown how these interviews really have strengthened the bond with their customers. After all, as individuals we do like to be asked for our opinion. Especially if we see that people have listened and made changes.

Customers have made the following changes following Customer Insight work:

·       Repositioned the entire company in light of feedback from the market

·       Changed the product and service offer to reflect unknown customer needs

·       Introduced a focus on core audience rather than trying to appeal to a broad market

·       Highlighted their unique personality and moved from a corporate ‘professional’ image

Ronnie’s journalism experience, combined with her strategic insight, helped us articulate what is special about our business and what our customers really value.