Creating Consentric is a new brand in the Personal Information Management space, helping to realise the meaning, value and power of data. Launched by MyLife Digital, an entrepreneurial company launched in 2015. 

We developed the messaging and communications for the new company, created content, and delivered campaigns to all sectors. Website designed by Goram & Vincent

“As Consentric responds to organisational requirements under the new General Data Protection Regulation, there was a huge learning curve for the complex legislation, which the Transform team took to immediately to understand not only our solution, but the needs of companies and individuals.

This resulted in the ability to work with them to devise and deliver a series of email campaigns, which included webinars and checklists, to connect with new markets using the thought-leadership content. These projects were concluded at rapid pace - as is always the case with emerging technologies. We found them to be strategic, fast to respond, quick to deliver, and able to provide real value at every stage. They really transformed our Consentric communications.”

Debbie Betteridge, Communications and Engagement Manager, MyLife Digital