Find your why

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Create a brand fuelled by your beliefs

Based on the work of Simon Sineck, we run full day and half-day sessions with individuals, management teams and groups to define:

  • Why you do what you do
  • How you do it that’s unique and different
  • What you do presented in an engaging way

Veronica Hannon and Business Doctor Richard Tidswell combine forces to run these facilitated and interactive workshops. Using our business and strategic marketing heads, we help you define what makes you leap out of bed in the morning and ready to make a difference in the world.

These workshops are perfect for:

  • Owners and entrepreneurs who want to connect with their purpose and belief and communicate their vision
  • Growing companies who need clarity so their expanding team can engage with the purpose
  • Merging teams or companies who need to unite different cultures and create a cohesive organisation driven by a single purpose
  • Changing companies who need to quickly shift who they are and what they do because of new technology, new services, new product offers, new locations
  • New leaders who have inherited a company and now want to effect change from the inside out – and need to engage the team
Transform Communications ran a workshop with my team at Inform People. I can honestly say that it’s had the most dramatic effect on our business. Now we are really clear about who we are, the audience that we want to reach and the messages we want to communicate. When you’re working in the business you are so close to it that you can over-complicate what you’re communicating. We’ve now pared that right back and the simplification has given us focus.
— Chris Thomas, Managing Director, Inform People

Simon Sinek gives his seminal TED Talk on 'Start with Why'