September 15, 2022

Hector 🐾
A day in the life – Hector

8.45am – Arrive at the office with tail wagging and ready for anything

In addition to barketing and pawblic relations, my responsibilities include caring for the team’s wellbeing . So it’s important I set the right tone at the start of the day. I like to check in with every team member and find out how they’re doing (and establish if they have any interesting food).
9am – TDaily team meeting

I sit next to Haris. He’s pawesome.

9.30am – Have a nap

I’ve been up since 7am and only had a short nap after breakfast, so it’s time for a rest. Regular breaks are so important for physical and mental health.

10am – Another lap of the office

I check in with the team and get a status update on any dropped food and assorted floor gubbins. If there’s an opportunity to make a break for the kitchen and have a sniff round the bins, I’ll take it.

10.15am – Dan drops in and gives me a snacky

Turns out I am a “goody boy” after all – always helpful to get feedback. Constructive feedback is critical and shapes future barketing decisions

10.30am – Contribute to internal meeting

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels were bred to keep the laps of the aristocracy warm during chilly carriage rides. I like to play to my strengths and offer my services to anyone who’ll take them. If I ‘accidentally slip’ onto the velvet sofa beneath whoever’s lap I find myself on, so much the better.

11am – Morning walk

11.30am – Morning nap

Midday until around 2pm – The team eats lunch

Constant vigilance is required during the lunchtime period. The Transform team are messy eaters so pickings are often rich. Especially in Ronnie’s office…

12.15pm – Dan drops in and gives me another snacky

I am still a “goody boy”.

Dan is a good worker because his snacks offer variety, which demonstrates an adaptive, flexible mindset. He once stepped up from his regular biscuit offering to teriyaki beef, which warranted a raise and waggy tail.

1pm – Get picked up by Ellen

Never quite sure when in the day this is going to happen. But it will. At least once. I struggle a little bit but realise that it’s more for her than for me, so I relax into it. Got to give the humans what they want.

2pm – Dan drops in and gives me another snacky

Yep, still a “goody boy”.

3pm – Afternoon walk

I like to find something disgusting to eat or roll in when I am out and about in Mells, but it’s not always possible. I do what I can with what’s on offer. This is how I learned about resourcefulness.

3.30pm – Afternoon nap

4pm – Start the pre-dinner stare

Dinnertime is 5pm. I need to start the stare at least an hour in advance, or I might get forgotten. It’s never happened but I don’t want to take any chances with dinner. It’s the second most important meal of the day.

5.30pm – Drive home

Ready for a well-earned rest on the sofa. I like to put my paws up at the end of the day and enjoy a trashy Petflix series. Don’t judge me – being a Chief Barketing Officer is a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.

Is Hector the pawtner you need to transform your barketing and communications? Get in touch with us to learn more. We’d love to chat. And if you tread in even more floor gubbins – even better.

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