April 23, 2024

(Case Study) Transform wins a London Design Award & Best New Publication from the CMA

As was said on the award category entry form ‘There is no day more exciting than the day you say, “Let’s start a new publication!” And no day more daunting than the next day when you say, “Where do we begin?”

Our idea for a publication began when working with Kidd Aitken Legal Marketing. We recognised that most publications for the legal sector target partners and associates in law firms. And they cover mainly landmark legal cases, or have a regional or specialist focus. For people who work in legal marketing, there were few options for sharing and/or developing their niche expertise.

Kidd Aitken wanted to elevate the voices of these talented professionals as well as find new ways to engage this audience without an overt ‘sell’ of legal marketing services. Transform proposed to create a publication that would fill this journalistic gap.

Award entry

Our design team created a 20-page magazine from scratch — Legal Marketing World — as well as an entirely new brand to accompany it. Its appearance moved away from the traditionally stale, corporate idea of the profession, and embraced colour and edgy imagery to produce something that looked more playful, while still authoritative and trustworthy.

Our content team then filled our first two issues to the brim with a broad range of content, from commentary on ED&I and the importance of legal tech in marketing efforts, to thought provoking interviews with some of the biggest names and brands in the legal sector.

Our first issue was a great success — lots of downloads from the website, and a phenomenal increase in social media engagement, particularly with launch posts on LinkedIn fulfilling the client’s objectives of developing relationships with legal marketing professionals.

We’re tremendously proud of the work we’ve done on this project to support one of our clients and have relished the chance to create such an engaging and popular publication.

The co-editor of Legal Marketing World and Founder of Kidd Aitken, Daniel Kidd, has called the project ‘creative, innovative … and shores up our brand in front of potential key clients.’

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