April 23, 2024

(Case Study) CIPR PRide award shortlist for long-term campaign

From JCA Global in 2017, through acquisition to PSI Talent Management in 2018, and a rebrand to Talogy in 2022. We continue to deliver media and PR support to this valued client through ongoing growth and change.

JCA Global contacted us with a brief to spread the word about Emotional Intelligence (EI) and its transformative potential in the workplace. That sounds interesting, we said. Tell us more!

The result? A swathe of coverage in publications that reach their target audience including HRDirector, HR Magazine, CMI Insights, Coaching at Work, HRZone, Training Journal, Personnel Today, The Recruiter and more. Objectives achieved.

Towards the end of 2018, while finalising contract renewal, JCA Global was acquired by PSI. Disaster? No, opportunity!

Our enthusiastic JCA advocates introduced us to PSI and there was no looking back. As well as promoting EI, we got to grips with products from across the broader PSI portfolio, including Situational Judgement Tests and Virtual Assessment Centres.

In August 2022, PSI Talent Management rebranded as Talogy. Having successfully built PSI’s reputation in the market, there was an urgent need to re-establish brand recognition and credibility with key audiences.

We pivoted to focus on the new proposition – the combination of psychology and technology.

Award entry

From the outset we tapped into JCA Global and now Talogy’s team of experienced business psychologists and consultants. Drawing ideas from workshops and individual conversations to develop a series of synopses to pitch thought leadership articles to target publications.

The process works both ways. We bridge the gap between what Talogy wants to talk about and where the media and market interest lies. We conduct an ongoing environment scan of HR and business publications, plus competitor activity, to identify hot topics in the sector – and areas where Talogy is well positioned to introduce new themes.

Regular meetings with the marketing team and consultants, as well as ongoing research, helps us plan and develop new ideas to refresh the programme.

When PSI Talent Management rebranded to Talogy we were an integral part of the rebranding team. During this busy time, we provided input and advice beyond our media remit to include broader internal and external communications.

We continue to flex our strategy to client needs. The original brief to promote EI meant our focus was on articles in highly targeted media. As the brief expanded, we have added the promotion of specific products and services, research reports, and proprietary technology. Adapting the media and PR tools we use to suit the topic and objectives.

Our creativity comes into its own through workshops and conversations with consultants. This is where we spot the innovative ideas that we then turn into attention grabbing stories to pitch to the media. Ideas that are also aligned to the strategic priorities of the organisation.

Our close relationship with the marketing team and consultants means we have our finger on the pulse of areas Talogy is willing and able to talk about. We are able to turn around commentary requests in short deadlines, pitch Talogy experts for interview, pitch client case studies, and draft press releases / statements as needed. All of these tactics deliver both quantity and quality of coverage.

Watch a testimonial from Senior Director, Kristin Paxton.

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