June 27, 2023

Daniel Kelly
In-house vs outsource marketing

When it comes to your business, the marketing and PR strategy and delivery are crucial.

But an everlasting question: should you stick to in-house marketing or hire an agency / consultancy to outsource marketing functions. Our latest In-house vs outsource marketing paper attempts to answer this question for you.

The benefits of outsource marketing

Are you:

  • A business founder or owner?
  • Without a marketing function?
  • A busy marketing director?
  • Confused about your own marketing direction?

Marketing is a key component for any business to reach the next level.

Raising brand awareness, boosting your reputation, and sharing your story with audiences old and new are crucial. But many businesses are unsure whether to hire internal marketing resource and build their own team or outsource their marketing function to an external marketing agency. The latter is often met with trepidation. Outsource? External function? What if I want someone to work closely with my team?

Our latest paper covers it all.

Outsourced, not outsiders

We don’t like the term ‘agency’ or ‘outsource’.

They’re both quite distanced terms, sounding one step removed from true collaboration, and don’t reflect what you (and we) really care about: the success of your organisation. We prefer: ‘consultancy’.

And we earn that term. Many organisations think that external experts won’t ‘get’ them, but an experienced consultancy will bring myriad benefits to your organisation that far surpass the pending work of your marketing department. Consultants are experts in finding out what makes you tick and provide that priceless external view. They (we!) strive to understand your organisation, your market, and, most importantly, your people.

Partnering is not outsourcing your marketing. Becoming an integrated part of your team, your consultancy should be driven by the same values and work towards the same goals.

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