February 28, 2024

Holly Braidley
Meet the team: Holly

Meet the team: Holly

Holly has joined the Transform team as a Junior PR & Marketing Account Manager.

Having started her career in finance as a customer account advisor, she left education and entered the working world with passion and intense curiosity. From 2018–2021, Holly rapidly progressed through the industry as an Underwriter, Collections Associate, and Customer Resolutions Officer, before stepping into the private healthcare industry as a Business Development Manager, canvassing private wellness testing to a range of clinics.

This business development role helped to increase Holly’s understanding of B2B sales management and have direct involvement in agreeing partner contracts. After a couple of successful years, she hadn’t fallen in love with the industry, and, so, started looking for an industry and opportunity that supported her desire for development and growth — which is how she came to find Transform.

Here, we get to know Holly a little more — and you can follow her on LinkedIn.

Why Transform and what’s your role?

The people. It’s as simple as that. When I first met Ronnie, Dan, and the team, my mind was made up — I wanted to work for this agency. The Transform team have been kind and welcoming and they’ve already made me feel welcome. Where I have experience to build, they seem to see beyond what’s expected and prioritise passion in their staff. The diversity of clients promises that no day is likely to be the same, and I’m looking forward to injecting my enthusiasm and previous skills into the agency.

When I was offered the position as a Junior PR & Marketing Account Manager, I took the position with zero hesitation. I’ll be managing my own clients and working with the broader team to deliver excellent words, design, and lots more.

What does ‘communication’ mean to you?

Communication for me is conveying meaning effectively and clearly, while considering and understanding the needs and perspectives of others. It’s important in every circumstance in life, and it’s important for business. Building a rapport through good communication has always been a massive part of my career, and something I’m excited to perfect in my new role with Transform.

Who and what inspires you?

My parents are two individuals who have inspired me the most — they’ve worked hard to achieve their own personal careers and dreams, and never gave up, even through tough times. The optimistic spirit they hold, always striving to be the best version of themselves, motivates me daily.

Otherwise, I find personally planning my days in advance and remaining organised in both my work and personal life inspires me to grab each opportunity with both hands and work to the best of my ability, while gaining experience and feedback from others.

What do you do for fun?

I love cooking — learning and perfecting new recipes with my family and friends.

I love a good spa day, as well as lots of weekend walks to benefit my physical and mental health.

I love a city break, trying new foods, and absorbing different cultures.

Spending time with my friends, travelling, and exploring together.

Three things to know about you?

1 — I’m a sucker for a cake or dessert! I will never say no to a cheeky cheesecake or brownie.

2 — I love a good sing along in the office, even though I’ve been told I’m no Celine Dion...

3 — I’m always freezing cold. You’ll catch me in a coat at 30oC.

Lightning round

Coffee? Tea? Tea! Especially in the mornings, there’s nothing a good cuppa won’t solve.

Music while working? Absolutely! I love listening to 80s upbeat songs while working.

Book, film / series, album you’d recommend? Harry Potter books for fiction, of course — otherwise, I love a good autobiography from a celebrity. Film would be Legend and series is Friday Night Dinner, always. Finally, any album from the man himself: Post Malone.

Scones: jam or cream first? Jam always. Cream first is a ‘no’ from me!

Favourite quote? “Living is the art of getting used to what we didn’t expect” from Eleanor C. Wood and “Your future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” from Eleanor Roosevelt.

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