October 17, 2023

Funbi Afolabi
Webinar highlights: Dissecting the marketing dilemma

In today's dynamic business landscape, B2B businesses strive to meet increasingly complex marketing and communication objectives — staying ahead in the marketing game is no small feat. To shed light on this, we recently hosted a webinar called 'Dissecting the Marketing Dilemma', a conversation between one of our directors and a couple of our fantastic clients.

Jenny and Jacob, marketing experts in their unique industries with niche marketing challenges, covered the potential of outsourced marketing and strategic collaboration.

You can:

watch our webinar recording here, or

listen to the recording on our podcast here.

Below, we've shared some key takeaways, as well as a look at how the agency-client relationship works in practice.

Key people and takeaways

Our host was Dan O’Connor, Director at Transform Digital.

Shortly after joining Transform Comms, Dan saw the potential of launching a sister company in the digital space — the rest, as they say, is history. He has extensive experience in growing and scaling organisations, having run his own company, as well as scaling a tech business to a multi-million sale to Zoopla.

We also welcomed two guests:

Jacob Aitken, Founder & Director at Kidd Aitken Legal Marketing.

Jenny Robertson, Partner & Head of Marketing at CHC Global.

Jacob has worked in the legal sector since 2005. In 2010, he launched his own legal marketing consultancy to assist with the preparation of directory and award submissions, before joining forces with his former Chambers & Partners colleague, Daniel Kidd, to form Kidd Aitken Legal Marketing. After trying to employ marketing people internally, Kidd Aitken brought Transform on board in 2020 to run their marketing programmes, as well as help to launch and promote their growing range of services.

Jenny joined CHC Global in early 2021 at a key inflection point for the business. Jenny has worked with growing businesses for over 20 years, ranging from start-ups to multinationals, and has experienced first-hand both the pitfalls and opportunities facing rapidly growing businesses — particularly with brand experience and the values that make a business unique. In 2021, CHC Global brought Transform on board to redesign their brand in line with their values and continues to work with Transform as an extension to their internal team.

So, what were the key points from the conversation?

Balancing in-house and outsourced marketing

Jenny and Jacob both emphasised the importance of having an in-house marketing team, as it provides internal expertise and understanding of your business. However, they also underlined the value of outsourcing certain aspects of marketing to agencies who bring an external perspective, fresh ideas, impetus, and momentum, ensuring your marketing efforts stay dynamic and competitive.

Measuring ROI

Measuring return on investment isn't always straightforward, especially for businesses offering complex services. While some metrics, like social media interactions, are easily trackable, others require a more nuanced approach. It's crucial to establish clear KPIs and regularly evaluate progress towards your goals. Additionally, ROI isn't just about numbers — it's also brand awareness, client retention, and even employee attraction and retention.

Integrating internal and external teams

Seamless integration between internal teams and external marketing support is a crucial step to take. A well-crafted marketing strategy should outline ownership and responsibilities for every activity. This ensures that internal and external teams work together efficiently to achieve your objectives. Regular communication and account management play a vital role in maintaining this synergy.

Fresh perspectives and expertise

Your marketing strategy should never stagnate. Bringing in external agencies isn't just about delegation and time-saving (though it’s those things, too) — it's about gaining fresh perspectives and leveraging the expertise of seasoned professionals. They can challenge your ideas, test your strategies, and provide valuable insights to keep your marketing efforts on the right track.

Trust and collaboration

Trust between your organisation and external agencies is fundamental. Building this trust involves being open and honest about your goals, objectives, and challenges. Agencies should feel like an integral part of your team, and they should be proactive in providing momentum and driving your marketing initiatives forward.

We’re here to help

If you missed the webinar, don’t worry: you can watch it here or listen here.

If you need some support to meet your marketing objectives — whether that’s a specific project or a strategy meeting and brand overhaul — get in touch with Transform’s team of experts today.

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