D+E+I = Belonging

Most of us will have experienced the uncomfortable feelings that come with social rejection at some point in our life – whether that rejection was real or imagined. And it doesn’t just happen during the teenage years. Recent studies show that many modern organisations have a belonging problem. As many as 25% of employees don’t feel they belong in their workplace, and an additional 40% feel isolated. This is particularly significant when the absence of belonging is associated with stress and proven to be a strong predictor of depression.

In this article, Ali Shalfrooshan, Head of International Assessment R&D at Talogy, argues that belonging is an outcome of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Ali goes on to explore the three elements of DEI and what they really mean. Explaining how we need to understand ourselves and others to foster an environment of DEI and belonging more effectively. Outlining three foundations of DEI that we can all bring to the workplace.

Finally, Ali explores why so many DEI initiatives are currently failing – and why so many people feel they don’t belong. With advice for organizations to focus on enhancing inclusion for everyone and including equity as the foundation for their DEI strategy. So that every employee gets what they need to feel they belong.