Five top tips to navigate permacrisis and burnout

One of the latest words to enter the Collins English Dictionary, Permacrisis, is defined as an extended period of instability and insecurity. It succinctly captures what it has been like to lurch from one crisis to another and it looks set to be a word used frequently in the foreseeable future.

Pandemics, inflation, energy crisis, supply-chain interruptions, climate change, political change – all have had an impact on the global economy, and as a result the business environment we work in.

So, when is it human nature to crave stability and order, how do we navigate this new normal?

Sophie Seex, managing, consulting and business psychologist for Talogy, (assessors and providers of global talent), says, β€œToo much uncertainty challenges us, throwing us into a survival response which puts us in danger of making poor decisions, affecting resilience. However, there are several strategies to help navigate uncertainty, remain mindful, and skilfully lead others.” In this article Sophie provides five key methods to help manage ambiguity and ride the wave of permacrisis.