How organisations can foster resilience and retain staff

Resilience training can help employees to become psychologically prepared for challenges and equip them with the tools and strategies to overcome them. But how prepared are companies for more resilient staff who may push for better work conditions and feel more empowered to make a difference?

CEOs/Leaders/HR Practitioners looking to build resilience into their organization need to consider what a resilient organization looks like and consider employee well-being, values-alignment and career progression, if they want to keep the most resilient staff.

In this article, Dr. Shaun Wehle, a clinical psychologist and principal consultant at Talogy, (assessors and developers of global talent), considers what resilience really means for employee well-being and provides a back-to-basics approach to what employees need from their employer.

He says, “Resilience training should be an organization-wide strategy and not a band aid from which to expect more from people, or a check-box exercise for when an employee is showing signs of burnout and an inability to cope. Once people reach that stage, it's usually too late - they leave, go sick, or quietly quit. Utilizing resilience training as part of a broader strategy for a healthy organization which meets the needs of its employees allows organizations to foster an environment where resilient employees can thrive.”