How to maintain company culture through hybrid working

A company’s culture is made up of the various norms and practices that take place within the organization. And with the move to more hybrid and remote working, many companies are struggling to build and maintain their culture. Hybrid working is happening – Google searches for ‘hybrid work’ increased by 130% over the last year. So how do you address this challenge, adopt shared practices, when your team is working in many different ways?

In this article, Alanna Harrington, Senior Research Consultant at Talogy, explores the different areas where this culture challenge is presenting. Including ensuring fairness when establishing company policy on remote working. As well as a seeming disconnect between what senior leaders and employees want from working practices.

Alanna goes on to present some solutions to sustaining company culture. Including learning and development opportunities that offer training that is both synchronous (with others) and asynchronous (at your own pace). As well as development programs tailored to the specific needs of the organization, the team and the individual. With examples, such as team challenges, that provide opportunities for collaboration and shared problem solving. Focusing on real-life issues such as culture change, inclusivity and resilience.