Tone of Voice 

Personality through communication

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Tone of voice is about how you convey a brand personality through all communications.

Often mentioned examples of brilliant Tone of Voice campaigns are

  • Innocent – we spend far too much time on their Twitter page
  • Mailchimp - professional quick wit and smart 404 pages
  • Aldi – we particularly love their “I like this one” TV ads. Genius

Your Tone of Voice is a core part of your brand personality and it needs to be consistent through all of your company. Reflecting who you are, because people want authenticity not a version of who you think you should be. Then you’ll find customers who truly appreciate you and what you offer.

Your Tone of Voice is

  • The copy on your website
  • Your printed materials
  • How you answer the phone (very important)
  • How you welcome customers – both physically and virtually
  • How you operate on a day to day basis through account management
  • How you deal with concerns and complaints
  • How you part company with your customers

Our Tone of Voice workshop uncovers your unique Tone of Voice. And we give you clever ways to communicate this out to your people. So they all feel empowered to be individuals who are great ambassadors for your brand.