Senior Account Manager & Content Writer

Daniel’s time is split between two things: being the friendly face behind emails & calls as a senior account manager, and writing content that catches — and keeps — attention.

He joined Transform after ten years as a writer, content planner, and marcomms consultant. Donning various hats, favourites included: managing events for the UK’s oldest bookshop and increasing their income tenfold, maintaining an international film school's admission numbers during the first year of the pandemic using a multimedia content strategy, leading on vaccination comms for an NHS trust, and carving space for empathy comms at one of the world’s biggest retail banks.

Daniel's used whatever skills he’s picked up to fundraise over £100k for various causes. He's a fan of memoirs, his forest cat (Boudica), illustrated tarot cards, seasonal food, subtitles (even when it’s in English), and the Oxford comma — dashes and occasional italics, too.