Head of Content

Karolyn has an excellent way with words. Don’t believe us? She won an award for it in 2021.

Her perceptive and intelligent copy captures the voice of the organisations and individuals we work with. As one of our clients said: “This sounds just like me. Only better.” Karolyn is diligent, dependable and meets deadlines as a point of honour. The care and attention she takes with every piece of content makes her a favourite with our clients – while her recipe recommendations are a hit with the Transform team.

With 15 years of marketing experience, Karolyn has been employed in-house both in the UK and internationally. She began her career in the healthcare and not-for-profit sector, including being Head of Communications at Responsible Finance.

Karolyn’s keen interest in psychology gives her a unique insight into people’s behaviour, allowing her to create content that resonates on a deep level.