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Our clients have complicated and complex business models. They’re specialists who want to build international reputations and be known as thought leaders. We get up to speed quickly and add intellectual value in demanding, fast-paced environments.

At the heart of everything we do is our relationship with our clients. We are a confidant, a sounding board, strategic partner, critical friend and team member. We nurture both an internal understanding and external view of your organisation.

As one of our longest standing clients puts it:

"You guys are my rock." 

 Wayne Dance, Managing Director of InHouse




We CONSULT with you and your team to get a better understanding of your goals and vision.



We align your brand proposition with your marketing strategy and plan.

This is the foundation for all your communications – whether it’s for a PR campaign, new website content or social media campaigns.


Explore what customers and markets really value about your brand through a series of in-depth surveys. We research your competitors and find out what messaging works for them and how you can successfully compete.

We question your employees and customers to discover what people actually think about your brand. Then we work with you to apply this data in devising core messages that that resonates with your market. 


Your message is only as powerful as the way you communicate it. The way you put your message across will mark you out for your clients and customers and help you attract new business.

We ensure that the way you say things resonates with your market. We make certain your personality shines out across all your communication channels as we bring your brand to life.



We CREATE thought leadership campaigns across marketing, PR and communications that transform the way you communicate.


We start with your business strategy to get a full understanding of the goals and aims of your organisation. Once we’ve arrived at an in-depth understanding of how your business works, we devise a communications strategy that integrates across all your marketing channels to attract new clients and retain your existing customers.  


An integrated marketing plan that encompasses all your sales and communications channels is the most time efficient and cost-effective way of optimising your marketing. We provide you with a fully actionable plan, costed at every level, so you can measure and evaluate the full impact of your communications.


Every organisation needs to put plans in place to deal with unforeseen threats to their business. But how do you prepare for what you don’t expect? Our carefully formulated 10 Step Defence Plan will help you analyse threats, assess vulnerabilities, and identify early warning signs. We enable you to create a comprehensive crisis communications plan, then test run it in likely and unlike scenarios, so you can train your people to deliver the plan internally and respond to the media under any difficult circumstance.


Develop a professional and likeable on-screen presence, find your voice and master presentation skills. We work with senior professionals to help them deliver their message through multiple media platforms. We empower your presentation skills, improve your key note speeches and take the fear out of public speaking.


You want to know that your marketing and PR campaigns are making a bottom line difference to your business. That’s why we’ve developed the REC model. To measure your Reach across every channel available to you. So you know your customers’ levels of Engagement and how many successful people you Convert to a marketing qualified lead. This is the single most effective way to ensure your marketing is making a difference. And you’ll see the benefit.


How successful are your communications when compared to your competitors? Conduct a communications audit to review how your marketing is performing and benchmark your communications against those of your market competitors.


Our campaigns and PR plans are based around deliverable objectives that provide everything you need and specify. We set out clearly and concisely how we’re going to achieve your goals and we deliver everything that we agree to. If you’re entering a new market or preparing for a product launch, we know what works and how to do it. If you’re writing a new book, hosting an event or staging a conference, we’ll make sure the right people know about it and you’ll what’s being delivered every step of the way.



We craft CONTENT that captures your voice, your vision and your ideas with intelligence, insight and authority.



We understand what you want to achieve – and we get it done. We know the key influencers and journalists in your market. We employ seasoned journalists and copy-writing experts with decades of experience. Our journalistic training allows us to develop angles and ideas that add value to your area of expertise. We make you stand out. And we get you published.


Our expertise lies in getting to grips with complex subjects and understanding them quickly. We add value to any theme. We create content that engages people, whether it’s media articles, white papers, webinars, presentations, video, events, social media or email marketing. We enable you to set the agendas and shape the opinions in your field with intelligent and expert thought-leadership campaigns so you become the Go To person in your market.


White papers reinforce your authority. They can be presented at conference and provide valuable marketing content for digital and social media campaigns. They feed a PR programme based around thought leadership articles in the media. We have over fifteen years’ experience producing white papers of the highest calibre.


We are masters of the research report. We create surveys that provide headline grabbing statistics for your business. We expertly analyse your data to find the angles that make for great research reports and insightful surveys to provide you with essential marketing collateral.


We understand the value of a case study. They demonstrate the real value you can bring to your clients and customers. They capture the essence of what it’s like to work with you. And because it’s told directly by a client, case studies are authentic and credible. We help you craft excellent client stories across multiple media - video, audio or the written form.


We partner with our authors to create intense excitement and anticipation leading up to their book launch. We maximise those important first weeks of sales to maintain a high profile post publication. We help orchestrate and host book launch events that are memorable and lead to sustained sales for our clients.


Websites can quickly become out of date and may need refreshing to be fit for your current purpose. Maybe your company’s brand position has to reflect market changes. New products and services might have been added or the demands of new technology have changed the way your customers find you.

We write the highest quality web content because we get your business and brand. We know your organisation from the inside looking out. And we get to grips with how your customers view your brand.  


As content creators we are often called on to help sales teams communicate the benefits of their products and services. From glossy brochures to translating complex technical language, we create engaging copy that clearly differentiates your product and service.


We are experts in email marketing campaigns that engage your audience and make them take action. Well-versed in the major Email Service Providers including Mailchimp. Hubspot and Act-On, we create email and marketing automation campaigns that take your customers on a journey.


If it isn’t done correctly, digital marketing can disappear into the noise of on-line traffic. We ensure you have the clear objectives and the great content that your market will respond to. That’s why our digital marketing campaigns link back to content creation, thought leadership and PR. Because integrated campaigns amplify your message.