August 23, 2023

Daniel Kelly
How will a marketing agency enhance your in-house team?

How will a marketing agency enhance your in-house team?

Successful businesses rely on effective marketing strategies.

But are you a business without a marketing function? A busy marketing director? Founder or business owner? Successful marketing requires three core areas of focus — strategy, content creation, delivery — and, if you’re in one of those roles, there’s a good chance you may not have the opportunity to reach those three things with the proper care and attention they need.

Below, as well as in our latest thought leadership paper — In-house vs Outsource Marketing — we recently published, we discuss how a marketing agency or consultancy can handle everything you need to get done. (Including the tea and biscuits.)

Writing a strategy (with marketing agency support)

If you’re not sure who you are, or who you want to be, support on developing a marketing agency or consultancy strategy will help can define your identity, value proposition, and start thinking about your messaging. With the benefit of impartial, external judgment, we work with you to identify your passions and strengths with — thanks to our love of research — an insider’s knowledge and values. This offers a fresh perspective to someone embedded within an organisation.

If you do know your brand identity, the benefits of outsourcing marketing can be — again, with the benefit of impartial review — the ability to work with you to align your marketing function with to your objectives and your other ambitions.

Creating content (with marketing agency support)

Engaging, informative content forms the backbone of any successful marketing strategy. Whether this content is written, graphic, video, or something completely different, we oversee the creation of content by our creative team. All we need from you is your knowledge and sign-off.

We make the most of your expertise to shine a light on your organisation. Establishing you as thought leaders at the forefront of your industry.

Success with creating content success story

In 2020, we were approached by Kidd Aitken Legal Marketing — the world’s largest legal directories and legal awards consultancy. They had been handling their own marketing for five years, without a dedicated focus, and hadn’t seen the results they wanted and needed to grow.

The benefits of outsourcing marketing with an agency or consultancy include much like Kidd Aitken offer to their own law firm clientsthe ability to look at your objectives, strategy, and previous results from an impartial standpoint. This is where real change can take place, and where collaboration on a new or different approach to your marketing strategy will lead to the results you were looking for all along.

We positioned Kidd Aitken as thought leaders in the legal marketing industry.

Our first piece of long-form content, Your Best Practice Guide to Chambers and Partners Submissions, was shortlisted for Best Use of Content at the 2022 CIPR PRide Awards (South). Later that year, we took on a new challenge.

  • Problem: Kidd Aitken Legal Marketing wanted to expand their legal directory consultancy's reach and engage legal marketing professionals, all while diversifying their offerings.
  • Solution: Transform pitched, wrote, and designed Legal Marketing World — a magazine sharing the latest legal marketing updates and spotlighting legal marketers worldwide.
  • Results: LMW engaged legal marketing professionals, diversified services, enhanced brand recognition, and delivered positive ROI.

As a result of this work, Transform won two awards. One for ‘Editorial – Best New Publication’ at the Content Marketing Awards 2023 and a London Design Award for brilliant design  forby our Senior Graphic Designer, Georgine Tucker.

While what feels like a relinquishing of control may feel challenging, trusting a marketing agency or consultancy with your objectives can yield remarkable outcomes. By tapping into their expertise — or what we refer to as our ‘hive mind’ — you can streamline collaboration while offloading some of the legwork and watching the results roll in.

Delivery (with marketing agency support)

Delivering content is one of the most overlooked aspects of marketing. Publishing blogs and social media posts, working with the media to raise your profile, and delivering other content — it can all take a considerable amount of time. And, if you don’t have the time to do this, you’re in luck: a marketing agency or consultancy does.

And it’s not just hitting ‘Publish’ and forgetting. Analysing the data behind delivery — engagement on social media, clicks in email campaigns, and more — is important to monitor success. We’ll keep you in the loop with reports as often as you need – weekly, bi-weekly, monthly. Sharing actions, coverage, and metrics, we analyse these results to see what tweaks we can make to cultivate further growth.

Most of the time, oOur clients trust us to do the best job possible. Our relationships are built on trust, and our clients have a central point of contact who manages their projects and deliverables from start to finish. Our clients tell us that ‘we get them’ and ‘we listen’.

Transform your marketing through partnerships

Partnering with a marketing consultancy isn't just about outsourcing. It's about embracing transformation.

Working with a marketing consultancy doesn't mean handing off your marketing efforts to an outsider. It's about building a partnership. The right consultancy will share your values and vision, becoming an extension of your team. They don't just provide marketing strategies, they work with you to achieve common goals and collective success. Working in this way, with experienced professionals who understand your values, will elevate your marketing.

Transform could be the answer to your problems. We’re the critical friend, the sounding board, the multi-award winning B2B marketing and PR consultancy that you might not know didn’t know you needed.

Established in 2006 by Veronica Hannon, described by Jon Snow as ‘the best PR I’ve ever worked with,’ the Transform team is made up of intelligent, curious individuals with extensive experience in PR, journalism, marketing, communications, design, and videography — check out our sister agencies, Transform Digital and Transform ESG.

We work with a range of businesses across complex industries. From renewables, to legal, to HR and talent development, to specialist insurance — our clients always say: ‘you just get us!’

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your business grow, please get in touch.

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